Who we are — Making the system better, together

Special X co-founder Jason Lehmbeck understands the challenges that parents raising kids with disabilities face every day because he’s in the midst of them, too.

Like you, Jason wants the best for his son Noah. Instead of spending energy wading through the complexities of care options, health insurance benefits, providers, and educational choices, Jason and his wife realized early on that they wanted to focus on Noah and helping him live his best life.

That’s why he created Special X.

Special X is here to help families raising children with disabilities get the best care possible.

Special X combines an easy-to-use, technology-driven platform with the power of people—dedicated professionals, experienced guides, and a caring community of parents—to get things done. By sharing our experience, knowledge, and optimism, we can support each other and drive better results for our children, and ultimately, for every child.

Putting technology to work for you. —

At Special X, we’re all about making things better. Our goal is to make the greatest impact we can to help families raising children with disabilities.

As a venture-backed tech startup, we have the power of Silicon Valley behind us. That means we can move faster, push harder, and think bigger. We’re bringing together the best minds and technology to redefine what’s possible. And there’s no limit to the progress we can make.

Our co-founders